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Studio 58 does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and proudly guarantees a judgment free experience to ALL sexual orientations, no matter your gender identity/presentation, race, cultural background, socioeconomic status and or those with disabilities.


JP Miller

Owner of Studio 58

  • Studio space rental 
  • Photography Videography 
  • Furniture & Equipment Rental
  • Fantasy Realization
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Taking the first steps bringing your Fantasy to reality can be scary, we know. Relax. Studio 58 has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision to life – on schedule and on budget. 

Studio 58 offers a wide range of services were our customers safety and discretion is our utmost priority, while maintaining professionalism.


Studio 58 employee are well trained professionals who are used to working under distracting and titillating situations with integrity, poise, and restraint. We are here to make you feel comfortable and to capture exactly the kind of image that you want. We know how to work with you to make you feel safe and secure.  

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